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Our Mission

To provide professional automation services at best values on scheduled time.

Customer Satisfaction

We value our customers to maintain an excellent relationship with our clients and end users. We apply wide technical experiences and
resources needed to meet and exceed every client’s expectation.

Industrial Automation

Automation department provide integrated automation solutions for water treatment process or any automation process. Our services
include design, engineering, software development (for PLC, CNC, SCADA and HMI), documentation, commissioning, testing and training.

Reference Projects:

# Project Project # Scope Client End User
1.        Jubail MSF Pilot Plant (Schneider, Rockwell & Pluto) P15020 PLC & SCADA Program Update Rakaa Holding SWCC/ Jubail
2.        Al-Wasee Acid Dosing system (SIEMENS, Schneider & Wonderware) P15024 PLC, HMI & SCADA Programming &Commissioning Ghadeer NWC/ Wasie
3.        Riyadh Internal Station Acid Dosing Systems (SIEMENS, Schneider & Wonderware) P15030 SIEMENS PLC, Schneider Maglis HMI & Wonderware SCADA Programming & Commissioning Ghadeer NWC/ Manfoha, Shomaisy and Malaz
4.        Qassim Hospital Ultrafiltration P16004 SIEMENS PLC & HMI programming, T&C Veolia MOH/ Buraidah
5.        Kemya Conveyor System (RS Logix 5000, Factory Talk View SE) P16005 PLC and HMI programming and commissioning Rockwell Kemya/ Sabic
6.        Sharq Wonderware SCADA system update (Wonderware InTouch) P16013 SCADA screen upgrade as per new instruments installed ISE Sharq / Sabic
7.        SADARA lift station link into BMS system (SIEMENS, BACnet) P16020 PLC programming, data link with BMS system into BACnet protocol DASH SADARA/ Jubail
8.        Tabouk STP Gate Control System Update P16049 LS Glofa PLC Dash Control MOWE/Tabouk
9.        Hail Weight Scale Packaging Control P16052 SIEMENS S7-1214 PLC,  LS eXP HMI & Movicon SCADA Najmat Al-Taif Factory/Hail
10.    Shaqiq pumping station P16057 Schneider PLC Al-Manara MOWE / Najran
11.    Awazel Weight scale monitoring and reporting system for bitumen P16061 LS PLC, LS SCADA InfoU Awazel / Riyadh
12.    ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) controller through PLC P16063 LS PLC Al-Manara Riyadh
13.    Aramco Hospital RO PLC programming, T&C P16064 Rockwell Micro850 PLC. Rockwell Aramco /Al-Hasa
14.    Mitsubishi VFD drives control & Monitor through Mitsubishi HMI P16068 Mitsubishi VFD & GOT200 HMI TIC Mitsubishi
15.    Atlas Copco Compressor monitoring and controlling System P16073 SIEMENS PLC, SIEMENS SCADA WinCC and link to Yokogawa DCS Kanoo SEC / PP9 / Riyadh
16.    Sharq Wonderware SCADA system update P17014 Wonderware InTouch ISE Sharq / Sabic
17.    Ma’aden Magnesium Mills Control Systems P17015 PLC & HMI programming, update, T&C Rockwell /Maaden Madina
18.    Takhzeen Cooling Room PLC Replacement P17031 LS PLC & LS HMI replacement, programming, T&C Takhzeen Riyadh
19.    ArabSAT Load Shedding Control System P17047 Schneider M340 & Vijeo Citect SCADA programming, T&C. Al-Bawani Riyadh
20.    Aramco Jizan Temporary STP Programming, T&C P17060 SIEMENS S7-300/ WinCC Pro. SSEM Jizan/Besh
21.    Obeikan Paper Bailer Machine PLC Replacement P17078 LS PLC XEC-DR40SU replacement for old die controller Obeikan Riyadh
22.    Extension of Afif water network SCADA system maintenance P18028 Motorola MOSCAD-L RTUs & Wonderware SCADA Khorief Afif
23.    Salco woods industry Co. P18031 SIEMENS PLC & HMI, machines & production lines update and maintenance. SALCO Riyadh
24.    Majmaa STP Sewage Treatment Plant P18033 Schneider PLC programming, testing & commissioning. Bin Sammar /MEWA Majmaa
25.    National Foundry Train System Control P18037 Schneider M220 & Magelis HMI programming, testing & commissioning NFC Riyadh
26.    SEC Rafha Power Plant RO & MB upgrade and maintenance P18050 SIEMENS S7-400 system maintenance, upgrade and  testing NWWC /SEC Rafha
27.    Bisha Sewage Treatment Plant SCADA System P18097 SIEMENS S7-1500 system installation, testing and commissioning MEWA BISHA
28.    KAUST DAW research center reclaim, plumping and industrial water control systems P18100 Rockwell RSLogix5k, FTView, BacNET programming, T&C Basia /Kaust Thewel, Jeddah
29.    Plasma CNC machine upgrade and control for sheet cutting P19001 Adtech servo motor, drives and controller Galvanco Riyadh
30.    Water bottle sticker machine upgrade and reprogramming P19036 SIEMENS PLC, Schneider HMI & Danfoss servo motor controllers Marwia Jizan
31.    Majmaa RO SCADA system P19048 SIEMENS WinCC Advanced SCADA system Basiia / MEWA Majmaa
32.    Delmonte air compressor control system P19042 SIEMENS S7-1214, Basic HMI Delmonte Riyadh
33.    Salco wood factory programming, testing and startup P20018 SIEMENS SMART PLC, HMI, Servo V90, WinCC Advanced SCADA SALCO Dubai
34.    Salco fiber factory programming, testing and startup P20050 SALCO Riyadh
35.    Hokair rapid river game reprogramming, maintenance and testing P20059 SIEMENS S7-315 PLC, HMI and AB ProfiBUS Drives Hokair Riyadh
36.    Valley water factory HMI Programming P21004 SIEMENS Comfort HMI Valley Riyadh
37.    Asyah RO plant programming P21012 SIEMENS S7-1500, Comfort HMI and Wonderware Intouch SCADA MEMF Asyah

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